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Dutch Weave Wire Mesh Details | Products Blog | DXR Wire Mesh

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Update time : 2018-09-30 15:21:48
The reason of Plain dutch weave mesh is called dutch weave, just because his warp and weft wire diameter are different . A reasonable match with silk and mesh to achieve the square hole wire mesh can not achieve the filter density. So dutch weave wire mesh are  fine mesh , but are generally  warp wire diameter are more than the weft wire diameter. Reverse dutch weave is called reverse, because the weft is much thicker than the warp. ( this mesh achieve the general stainless steel mesh can not achieve the filtering accuracy)
Material: stainless steel wire, nickel wire, black wire
Weaving: plain weave stainless steel fine grain net (plain weave - dense pattern), twill weave stainless steel fine grain net (twill - dense pattern), bamboo weave stainless steel fine grain net, contrast woven stainless steel fine grain net.
Performance: a filter performance is stable, fine and so on.
For precision pressure filter, fuel filter, vacuum filter at the same time for aerospace, petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, rubber, tire manufacturing, metallurgy, medicine, food and other industries.