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Extruder Screen Mesh

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Update time : 2019-02-23 16:21:59
Extruder screen mesh  is one of our main products. Since the Extruder screen mesh  is cheaper and used well .Our productivity expanded much this years.
The Extruder screen mesh  weaving type: Plain weaving, diagonal weaving,plain dutch weaving.
The Extruder screen mesh  usage: We can punched it into different size and shap as customer required. Used as plastic extruder screen. Also, the Extruder screen mesh  can cut into slip as auto mesh belt ,used on plastic industry . Since this Extruder screen mesh  is cheaper , it is pupulared used on plastic, rubber industry.
Stainless Steel Filter Screen are mainly made of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh ----cutting according to customer’s demand .
Material: 304,304 L, 306,306 L Stainless Steel Wire Mesh , stainless steel punching nets.
Category: According to shape can be divided into circular, square, rectangular, oval-shaped and so on.
Processing technology
It is made up of metal mesh of different mesh combined with supporting net and through wrapping process      
Folding material: Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, I-type network, black silk, copper mesh, galvanized square wire mesh, black silk and so on.
Folding features
1. The average filtration accuracy: 5-80um;  2. With a large flow, high filtration efficiency;
It is suitable for distillation, absorption and evaporation in industries such as petroleum, oil refining, chemical industry, light industry, medicine, metallurgy, machinery, ship, automobile tractor,
Filtration and other processes to eliminate entrained in the steam or gas in the droplets and liquid foam, as well as automotive tractors on the air filter
DXR factory can designed  various types of products according to user’s needs, at the same time undertake processing.