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Black Wire Cloth Manufacturer

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Update time : 2019-01-05 09:34:08
Black wire cloth are widely black silk widely used in the plastics industry, rubber industry, industrial filtration, petrochemical filtration, food industry, is made of low-carbon steel wire ,through weaving and other processes.
As the different ways of weaving Low carbon steel wire cloth can be divided into different species ,among these are plain weave black wire cloth, twill weave black wire cloth, human type weaving black wire cloth.
De xiang rui wire cloth co.,ltd,a professional stainless steel wire mesh and black wire cloth manufacturer, founded in 1988, located in anping county, China, a famous wire mesh town in China. We produce high quality wire mesh products for most of countries all over the world. Welcome your inquiry and visiting to our factory.
An ping county de xiang rui wire cloth co.,ltd is famous of wire mesh factory located at North China.
Black wire cloth is one of main products. Since the black wire cloth is cheaper and used well .Our productivity expanded much this years.
Security and meticulous packaging.
There are three layers of protection: the first layer is a waterproof paper, the second layer is waterproof cloth, the third layer is a waterproof cloth packaging as a whole.Finally use wooden cases packaged as a whole.
Strict quality control.
From raw materials into the factory to the control of the process of production, to the finished product output.We have to pass strict inspection, each square meter to ensure that provide customers with perfect products.