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Science is often very appealing, and science is never forever explored, always fresh and interesting. For example, in the experiment of taking floating eggs, many people may know, but the process of doing experiments is far more novel than heard.
The experiment is very simple, the material is only four: large glass, salt, spoon, eggs. Although simple, you can gain unlimited knowledge from it.
First, I picked up the kettle, poured a large glass of water into the glass, then gently put the eggs into the water. After the eggs sank into the bottom of the cup, they didn't move. It seemed to be resting.
Then I put 1 spoonful of salt, the egg didn't move; I started to put the 2nd spoonful of salt, the egg was still lying quietly on the bottom of the cup; I put 6 spoonful of salt under the air, the egg did not live up to my expectations, rose One point; in the end, I put 2 tablespoons of salt without accepting the loss, and the egg rise index is higher.
I heard that other people's eggs can float in the middle of the water, take out the eggs, stir the unmelted semi-finished salt water with a spoon, and then slowly put the eggs into the bottom of the cup, then the eggs are not The ground stopped floating, I waited for a while, the eggs did not move, struggling to surface.
Finally, I poured the remaining 2 tablespoons of salt into the water, and the eggs gradually rose to the surface of the water. If I was swimming in a swimming lap, I naughty pressed the eggs down with my fingers, loosened my fingers, and the eggs quickly floated back. To the surface of the water.
Why is the egg floating? I got the harvest from the computer: When the egg was just put into the clear water, because the density of the egg is larger than the water, the buoyancy of the egg is less than its own weight, so it will sink to the bottom; after the salt is released The water dissolves the salt, and the density of the water increases. When the density of the salt water is equal to the density of the egg, the egg will float in the middle of the water; then continue to add salt. When the density of the salt water is greater than the density of the egg, the egg will float. Above the salt water, and the top of the egg is out of the water.
The teacher told us in class that any object will be buoyant in the water, and the size of the buoyancy is equal to the weight of the volume of water that the object is draining. This is the famous "Archimed's Law", also known as the law of buoyancy. In fact, science is about the same as the physics that you have to learn.
I am amazed that this small experiment actually contains such a rich theorem, which shows that science is of great importance to us in addition to being used for relaxation. I secretly decided to study physics in the days to come, and study this interesting science.