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Copper Wire Cloth Specification

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Update time : 2019-01-19 10:05:39
Copper offers excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. It is non-magnetic, anti-sparking and is resistant to atmospheric corrosion, salt air and brine. Copper applications are often limited due to its low tensile strength, and poor resistance to abrasion and common acids.
Copper Wire Cloth is the preferred material for shielding electronic equipment against electromagnetic interference. Applications include electronic security, aviation,space exploration and research, power generation, electronic information security, high-frequency scientific and medical equipment, measuring and testing devices, government and military secrecy devices and security systems.
Due to the superior conductive properties of pure Copper Wire Cloth is the material of choice  for use in EMI Screens,  RFI Screens, Grounding Grids and Antenna Ground Planes,
Bio-Circuits and the Eeman General Relaxation Ccircuit depend on Copper Wire Mesh.
Landscapers often rely on Copper barrier mesh to control Tree Roots, Snails and Slugs.
The Copper Wire Cloth specifications listed above are normally available from stock for prompt delivery. Many other Copper Wire Mesh Screen specifications can be produced according to customer requirements although a substantial minimum weave order will apply.
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